Chronic Means forever*

A strange thing happens when you have a chronic and life threatening illness. After a while, people seem to forget that you have it. As long as you smile on the same sunny days as they do… As long as you laugh at the same funny jokes as they do… They don’t have to remember that your body is failing you. Chronic Means Forever tells a story that doesn’t have a happy ending. It tells a story that according to research, only has a life expectancy of about 37 years. It tells my story.

Audience Award for Best Feature

& Social Impact Award (Honorable Mention) at the 21st Local Sightings Film Festival (September, 2018).

Featured in the 44th Northwest Filmmakers Festival (November, 2017)

& Northwest Tracking Showcase (March 2018).

*The above video is a trailer for Chronic Means Forever. The film's full length is 1 hour 39 minutes and not available for online streaming. To schedule a public screening of the film, please reach out to Kadazia using this websites contact form.