Exactly one month ago I premiered my first feature length film. That feels so wild to say.

The premiere of Chronic Means Forever went better than I could have ever anticipated. About 75 of my closest family and friends took time out of their day and used the gas from their car to come see this film I spent a year working on… To validate feelings that I bottled up for 23 years… To tell me that they love me.

I officially spent a year working on this film. 90% of the year was spent laying ground work, designing the staged shots, learning to use equipment, creating shooting schedules and recruiting help. The last 10 weeks before the premiere I did all of the actual shooting and editing. It still surprises me that was able to pull it off. My first feature length film, 1 hour and 40 minutes, at 23 years old. And you know what the best part is? It is an amazing movie. After seeing it on a big screen I only walked away with two editing notes to implement before entering it into festivals. And my family and friends were so touched by the film. They were so honored that I was willing to share such vulnerable parts of myself with them. I was so nervous. So shook. So… Terrified, honestly.

My family had flown into town for the movie as well as for my graduation the next day (yaaaassss, ya girl officially has her Bachelor of Arts in filmmaking). It was them that I was the most nervous to share it with. First off, the film was an experimental documentary and as far as I know they've never really watched any experimental or documentary films. They knew I was majoring in film at school but didn't truly realize what that meant and what I was doing with my new skills. Secondly, I was terrified because so many parts of myself that I exposed in the film (both physically, verbally, and emotionally) were things that I had never showed or told them about before. It was a night of telling all my secrets and I nearly wet my pants and passed out multiple times that night. But despite all of that, my family engaged with the film and loved it.

The best part of the night though was after the film was finished, and people had clapped, and all of my family and friends lined up to hug me before they left… In that moment I realized that I was always meant to be a filmmaker, I was fulfilling the destiny God had in place for me. I realized that this passion of mine isn't just a phase like pottery was… like drawing was… like theater was… like songwriting was… like knitting was… Nah, this is real. This is what I was born to do. This is how I’m going to change the world.

Thanks for reading

Much love and peaches,

Kadazia Allen-Perry

P.S. Hopefully this clears up why I haven't written or updated the site in a while. Now that i’m all graduated and what not I’ll have a lot more time, and it will be really therapeutic sharing my artistic process with the interwebs.

P.P.S.S. Early this next week I will post the trailer for Chronic Means Forever. I won't be releasing it online because I am going to be entering it into as many film festivals as I can. This is the film I’m using to put me on the map, get the name Kadazia Allen-Perry out there. I’ll keep y'all posted on future showings of the film.